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What is Itinerant SMS/ Test Messaging?

Mobile text Messaging, or Short Implication Advantage (SMS), as we all know it, is the aptitude to send and catch text letters to and from cellular phone telephones. The text can comprise words or records or an alphanumeric combination. SMS was bent as part of the GSM Phase 1 standard. The first short communication is assumed to have been sent in December 1992 from a Own CPU (PC) to a itinerant phone on the Vodafone GSM exchange ideas in the UK. Each short communication can be up to 160 lettering is distance end to end when Latin alphabets are used.

Customer Usage and Advertise Growth

There is no distrustful the hit of the Short Communication Assistance - the advertise in India alone has reached over one billion letters even though hardly practical marketing by complex operators and phone manufacturers. Key bazaar drivers over the next two years such as the admission of cheaper itinerant know-how to the a lot will carry on this advance path.

Mobile Messaging: How can your affair benefit?

Enterprise Messaging

Enterprise uptake of cell applications is set for out of the ordinary growth. By 2005, Gartner anticipates that 65 percent of enterprises will be harnessing the power of wireless applications to efficiently automate the obtainable affair processes and use wireless connectivity for one or more user groups.

Statistics are before now viewing a large augmentation in the project messaging, in the last seven quarters.

Where does project messaging fit into your business

No be important what the characteristics or model of your affair is, you can for practical purposes exploit the ability of Itinerant Messaging. Subsequent are some examples of the claim areas where Cell phone Messaging is excelling:

1. B2B Messaging

Mobile terminated and cellular phone originated SMS and MMS via UCP, XML and PHP interface

Benefits: Using activity average protocols endow with easy integration with free systems as well as a robust and scalable model for expectations technologies.

2. B2B Campaigns and list processing

Permission-based cell marketing battle of consumer goods, advertisement campaign, promotions etc.

Benefits: Cellular phone marketing provides unparallel help of for practical purposes targeting detail listeners level.

3. B2B Applications

Customized cellular phone applications meeting the requirements to a commerce rule and addressing a detail aim audience. Example: MIS intelligence to cell sales force, analytical data to itinerant mechanical work force. The promise are boundless and the flexibility is enormous!

How to elect a high condition and dependable advantage donor for SMS/Text Messaging for your activity messaging needs?

The first opportunity that comes to one's mind is cell operators. However, although they have accomplished be in command of over exchange ideas infrastructure, they are in the main not too keen to advantage consumer for assembly their messaging needs. The prime reasons for this are:

  • Enterprise messaging involves complicated integration with backend database/applications
  • The degree of e-mail is typically not high (except in large B2C companies)
  • The criticality of letter administration is awfully high
  • Operators essentially cross subsidise 'voice' with 'data' services.
  • It a aspect association is down, then the assistance suffers.
  • The benefit need extra concentration in terms of given that high advantage levels

There are many detached providers of cell data armed forces focussed in the realm of project messaging that give end-to-end SMS/text messaging service. For example, ValueFirst (http://www. vfirst. com) provides SMS/Text messaging army to enterprises.

There are more than a few compensation of functioning with an operative neutral benefit provider:

  • Easy and quick integration with back-end application/databases
  • Connections with many operators make certain develop advantage condition (i. e. ceremony is continuous even if the exchange ideas of a aspect worker fails)
  • Single entry point into the cell networks.
  • Uniform appliance approach - no duplicate labors required
  • Reliability and aptness - Acknowledged itinerant messaging with cast iron idea administration in rank available
  • Integrated payment - one stop shop for all billing aspects and
  • Seamless and acquire messaging environment.

About The Author

This critique has been contributed by (Mr. ) Vijay Shukla, Fatherland Head, ValueFirst Messaging India (http://www. vfirst. com). Vijay has over 8 years of activity be subjected to management consulting and cell phone data services. He can be contacted at vijayshukla@yahoo. com.


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