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In the eyes of a teenage girl cellular phones are the best invention since boys. My daughter has had a cell phone for a jiffy now but it wasy a prepaid one. That was being paid too costly allowing for she ran by means of notes at an beyond belief rate. The day she established her boundless flip phone she was estatic. I don't think she would have been any happier if she had been existing with a brand new car.

She giggled and squealed with excitement. The pink face plate with kittens on it categorically delighted her. I calculated her enthusiasm to be a bit ludicrous but cell phones seem to have an just about exciting achieve on young girls. After abundance of chatty gratitude, my elated daughter seemed to float on a mixture of ring tones the rest of the day. In background time all of her links had the new phone add up to and the dialing chain began - and it hasn't bunged since.

These cellular providers definitely have it made. Do you have any idea how many juvenile and teenage girls there are in the world - not to bring up the other a mixture of cell phone users out there? Just like teen girls, cell phones come in a brand of shapes and sizes. You find them all over - in shirt pockets, on belt loops, in cars, at the mall, etc.

Time definitely does bring about change. It approximately seems like former times when my oldest son came home with a breathtaking a small amount apparatus called a pager. Hmmm. . . wonder at all happened to those. It seems know-how is emotive nearer or maybe I'm just receiving slower. I just got used to my VCR when out came the DVD. I still haven't figured out all the skin tone of the digital camera yet. Of choice when I can't amount out how to work my new gadgets I do what most parents do, I just ask the kids. It seems they're born with built in data of the tech gen.

Oh and my daughter? She's up to her ears in text communication and voice mail but it's all good - at least until the bill arrives.

Darlene Zagata is a irregular essayist and journalist for the print newspaper Moon Dimness Magazine. She is also the dramatist of "Aftertaste: A Assembly of Poems" and "The Choosing. " Her work has been available extensively both online and in print. For more in rank visit her website at http://darlenezagata. tripod. com or call Darlene at darzagata@yahoo. com


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