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Many landowners who have leased land for a cell tower on their chattels are in receipt of inscription from third party companies. These lettering be redolent of to the landlord that due to wireless mover consolidation and due to technology, that the cell tower lease may be terminated early. By advertising the lease to one of these companies, the landlord averts the risk of early termination and can recieve a lump sum immediately.

What is critical to note is that these companies would not be concerned in business the lease if they felt that there was a big risk that the lease would, in fact, be terminated. The actuality is that cell towers are going to be about for a long time and the leases will continue. That is not to say that your exact cell tower lease is not susceptible to termination, chiefly in light of mover consolidation. Recently, wireless companies like AT&T and Cingular have merged. (Both AT&T and Cingular are trademarks of their respective companies). Estimates of how many duplicative sites will be terminated as a consequence of this amalgamation range from 8,000 to 20,000 sites. While the exact come to is unknown, some landowners will collect termination correspondence in the mail. It is likely to agree on whether or not your distinct site is susceptible to termination by reviewing the cell towers in your area.

The sale of the land leases for a lump sum is one way of avoidance this risk. Additionally, there are other reasons why an characteristic landlord might want to bear in mind advertising his cell tower lease rights. These reasons comprise a scenario where the property-owner has plans to sell the underlying assets in the next few years. A new scenario is where the lump sum payment can be used to eclipse obtainable high appeal debt.

One area that every property-owner contemplating promotion a cell tower lease ought to be alarmed with is the taxation of the transaction. It is imperative that you consult with your accountant as regards any offer and whether or not the payment is susceptible to funds gains treatment.

Lastly, there are business experts existing who can assist you in the determination of whether or not the sale of your lease asset is a aware decision. Make sure that ahead of you make a potentially costly decision, you consult with your accountant and activity experts.

Ken Schmidt is the owner of Steel in the Air, a cell tower consulting firm. Steel in the Air provides connoisseur consultations on cell tower valuation, cell tower lease negotiations, lease buyouts, lease renegotiations and lease buyouts. Ken has been quoted on cell towers in the NY Times and abundant other publications.


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